winter goose publishing

Winter Goose Publishing, LLC is a press founded in 2011. We are a royalty-paying trade publisher that has focused on books we feel are strong in a unique style, subject matter, and written with heart. Our first thought is never “will this be popular” or “will it sell.” If we like the manuscript and it’s well crafted, we feel honored to tell that story. All the other pieces fall into place, and we always feel good knowing we are putting passionate, quality work into the world.

Winter Goose came from a need in a changing industry, and the desire to have a place where authors could feel as though they are a part of the entire process. As we grow, we work diligently to keep the small-press feel and to always provide a hands-on support system. Our authors are our family.

Why Winter Goose? The name simply comes from what our founder’s father has called her since she was a baby, and still to this day: Goose.

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