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At VerbalEyze Press we exclusively publish authors who are between the ages of thirteen and twenty-two. Meet our young authors and allow yourself to be surprised.

An independent book publisher, VerbalEyze Press offers a publishing model unique in the industry as it arises out of our non-profit literary and educational goals. Details on what our model looks like follow below.

If you have a complete novel, memoir, graphic novel, or collection of poems, short stories, essays, or one-act plays, click here for instructions on how to send us a query letter.

If you have several poems, short stories, one-act plays, essays, or a short graphic novella and wish to be considered for inclusion in our next edition of the Young Writers Anthology,click here for instructions on the submission process.

The publishing model at VerbalEyze Press is unique in that it arises out of our guiding non-profit, cooperative mission to foster, promote and support the development and professional growth of emerging young writers. For any new writer, the workings of the publishing industry can appear complicated and confusing. The goal of VerbalEyze Press is to take young writers through the commercial publishing process in away that educates them on all the details and maximizes the benefits they receive.

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