unsolicited pressUnsolicited Press is an independent publishing press based out of Northern California, Portland, and Chicago. We focus on literary fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Whether you craft short stories, novels, chapbooks, memoirs, or essay collections, we want to read it.

Unsolicited Press is on track to publish up to 2 manuscripts per month by 2017. But, we will not sacrifice our strict editing practices to push out new titles. Our focus is on you, the author. What makes UP special is that every person who works for UP is a writer. We cater to the writer and not to the business.

That doesn’t mean we sacrifice the importance of business. At Unsolicited Press, we create individual editorial, production, and marketing plans for each author. We never keep you in the dark and we always promote you as an author.

Unsolicited Press seeks to publish brilliant authors, unknown or otherwise, and to reject all of the bullshit bureaucracy of the mainstream conglomerates. No matter what ‘level’ you are, we encourage you to submit manuscripts that will catch our eyes.

We are not computer junkies. We print out manuscripts.  We scribble all over them. We give you Track Changes in return. We hope to give every writer, rejected or accepted, some feedback.

Our standards will not choke under financial issues. We will work until our hands bleed and your excellent work is in print.

How is Unsolicited Press Structured?

Most publishers will not divulge how they work, but we think that you should know what you are getting into. Currently, we work in a sort of pyramid form. There are four main editors, known as The Honchos.  Each editor has a specific job title and each editor edits within their comfort zones.

Each editor has an associate editor, assistant editor, and an intern at their service. These folks are our bread and butter. They read your work with us. They send you rejection/acceptance letters when we are too busy to do so. They help with editorial and production work. We expect a lot out of them. Every editor is trained in-house to our standards. Afterwards, they may choose to work in the office or telecommute. Don’t worry. They are required to come in every now and again.

Your work, should it be accepted, is read by every single editor. Using Track Changes, we collaborate to make your manuscript the best that it can be. We help you make it reader-worthy.

Did we mention that we run a literary journal? Oh, well, we do. Our literary journal, The Fictioneer is a great way for writers who haven’t completed full-length manuscripts to get noticed by our team. In fact, three of our upcoming titles are from previously published writers in The Fictioneer. You can check that out here.

Your work is important to us. Contact us with any questions that you have.

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