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Established in 1944, the University of South Carolina Press is one of the oldest publishing houses in the South and among the most respected in the Southeast. With more than 2,000 published books to its credit, 1,000 in print, and an average of 50 new books published annually, the Press is essential in enhancing the scholarly reputation and worldwide visibility of the University of South Carolina.

As the largest publisher and only university press in the state, the University of South Carolina Press furthers the central missions of the University as a whole: As part of the University’s research mission, the Press advances knowledge through the publication and dissemination of the research conducted at this and other universities. As part of the University’s teaching mission, the Press provides an outlet for research—good research leads to good teaching—and furnishes scholarly material to both teachers and students. As part of the University’s outreach mission, the Press enriches the state’s natural and cultural heritage and understanding through its extensive regional publishing program.

In addition, the Press is the publisher of a number of regional book series, including Southern Classics, Southern Revivals, Women’s Diaries and Letters of the South, the Palmetto Poetry Series, and our new children’s and young adult series, Young Palmetto Books, a partnership with the South Carolina Center for Children’s Books and Literacy.

USC Press also publishes many internationally recognized scholarly book series, including Understanding Contemporary American Literature, Understanding Modern European and Latin American Literature, Studies in Personalities of the Old Testament, Studies in Personalities of the New Testament, Studies in Comparative Religion, Studies in Rhetoric/Communication, Chief Justices of the United States Supreme Court, and Studies in Maritime History.

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