trembling pillow press

Trembling Pillow Press is a New Orleans based publishing outfit run by poet Megan Burns since 2006. Its mission is to publish contemporary authors whose works are vitally important to the poetry community. Trembling Pillow Press has published dozens of broadsides and post cards featuring New Orleans based poets and artists as well as national writers. Trembling Pillow Press has also published three issues of YAWP: A Journal of Poetry and Art, three issues of Solid Quarter Poetry Magazine, poetry chapbooks and over 24 full length collections of poetry in addition to one Spoken Word CD; all available for purchase online and at our partner bookstores. Trembling Pillow Press endeavors to continue to publish first books from emerging authors as well as marginalized texts that have either gone out of print or that have had trouble finding a publishing house. 2016 will mark the 10th year of Trembling Pillow Press’ publishing efforts in New Orleans.

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