Treehouse Press

Treehouse Press was set up in 2009 by the writers Shaun Levin and Andra Simons and the artist and designer Raffaele Teo. We wanted the kind of press that would publish our books exactly the way we wanted them. So we started with our own! Now we’re committed to working closely and creatively with all our authors.

We believe that in the current climate in the publishing world, small independent publishers should be making sure that important, exciting, and diverse voices are not silenced by financial considerations and the conglomerates’ drive to bully the reading public into reading what they think we should be reading. Here at Treehouse Press we want our books to be unique and beautiful objects, a thing you’d want to hold in your hand, and also for the writing and the artwork to engage you and maybe even shift the way you look at the world. We want readers to take risks with us!

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