tree light books

Founded in 2011, Tree Light Books, the print arm of Ghost Ocean Magazine, publishes handmade chapbooks of poetry and prose.

We publish books that are relentless in their energy, ambition, playfulness, and language—books that refuse to be forgotten. We prefer projects that are slightly off-kilter; that construct a new world, possibly from the bones of our own, and exhibit a strong sense of place; that shatter expectations and language. We want the godless prayer you keep buried in the riverbed, the confession sewn into your pillowcase.

We value working with writers who are willing to take risks, who aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty in further polishing their projects, and who are eager to be active participants in the process of molding a manuscript into book. We frequently consult our authors on artistic/aesthetic choices, as well as editorial decisions, and we are invested in our authors and their futures.

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