three mile harbor press

Three Mile Harbor Press was founded by Antje Katcher in 1994 and for nearly twenty years has published work by poets such as Enid Dame, Michael Howley, Jean Kemper, Pamela Kallimanis and Toni Mergentime Levi. The last two titles issued under Antje’s aegis were her own poetry chapbook For Bananafish and Paul Genega’s prose piece, A Stone for Nina, both in 2013.

Before Antje died in April of 2014 she discussed her literary legacy with Genega, requesting that he edit and publish a posthumous collection of her poetry and determine the fate of Three Mile Harbor. Because the press was so strongly identified with its founding editor, Genega’s first impulse was to let it fade away, but after working on Antje’s book, he decided that a more fitting tribute was to give the press a second life.

As editor, Paul is committed to publishing the best diverse work by new and established poets and is particularly interested in finding LGBT, feminist and environmentally aware voices. In addition to print, the press will also have an online presence for the first time.

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