cameron conaway

I speak on a variety of topicsā€”from gender equity, toxic masculinity, and campus sexual assault, to mindfulness, marketing, and creativity. On many occasions I’m asked to read from my books, and on most occasions I weave my experiences as a professional mixed martial arts fighter, an award-winning social justice poet, and an international investigative journalist into my speaking engagements.

If you are interested in having me speak or read, please DM me on Twitter with a detailed request.

Below you’ll findĀ a few institutions that have trusted me to deliver with creativity and integrity:

Dartmouth College

-Featured speaker at The White Ribbon Campaign, Dartmouthā€™s annual campus-wide initiative to engage men in the work of ending sexual violence against women.

University of Wisconsin

-Featured speaker on “Bare Knuckle Warrior Poetics,” a fusion of mixed martial arts, poetry, travel, and social justice work.

Child Labor Coalition

-Featured speaker on shipbreaking and other human rights conditions in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Al Jazeera America

-On-air conversation about snark vs. smarm, and the niceness of contemporary book reviews

Penn State University

-Featured reader, focus on Malaria, Poems and Chittagong

-2015 Commencement Speaker

Mansfield University

-Keynote speaker,Ā 2016 English Association of Pennsylvania State Universities (EAPSU)

The University of Tennessee

-Featured reader, focus on Malaria, Poems and Chittagong

James Madison University

-Keynote speaker, presented “No Mud, No Lotus: On Mindfulness, Marketing and Masculinity”

University of Richmond

-Keynote speaker, presented on the intersections of mindfulness and masculinity

HuffPost Live

-Participated in a panel discussion titled “Is Fighting a Part of Manhood?”

American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene

-Featured reader, focus on Malaria, Poems

JointĀ International Tropical MedicineĀ Meeting

-Featured reader, focus on Malaria, Poems

IAM Communications Conference

-Featured speaker on international labor issues and content marketing