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Much of art is a manifestation and celebration of the natural world. At the same time, art often brings with it a powerful sense of stillness and focus, and this is true whether you are someone who makes art or someone who appreciates art. In those moments of stillness and focus, everything somehow comes together, everything somehow makes sense. Indeed, art—be it painting, photography, writing, or crocheting—often helps people make sense of their live. And that is where spirit comes in. Art can feel like a spiritual experience. Art can help us reach beyond the boundaries of the mundane world, awakening joy and contentment and a sense of oneness with everyone and everything.

Shanti Arts was founded in 2011 to celebrate and promote connections between art, nature, and spirit through exhibitions, book and serial publications, artistic presentations and experiences, networking, and workshops. We invite you to browse and see what might capture your interest.

Christine Brooks Cote


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