shabda press

Shabda is the Sanskrit word for “sound, speech.”  Shabda is the sound current vibrating in all creation referred to as the Audible Life Stream, Inner Sound, and Word. Founded in June 2011 by Teresa Mei Chuc, Shabda Press’ mission is to bring forth the diverse, luminous words and sounds of new, emerging, and established of voices.  We seek high quality poetry that takes risks with attention to craft. We are not a commercial press; however, we work with our poets to promote their books through reviews and distribution online and in local bookstores. Our distributors include Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  and others.

Shabda Press is a small, independent press that publishes a few books of poetry a year in print.

Shabda Press also publishes in eBook and audio formats (Poetry CDs).

Our goal is to produce beautiful, high quality, well-designed poetry books.

With that goal in mind and with our limited resources, we put our full attention into designing and publishing a few exquisite books of poetry each year.

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