Red Ferret Press

We’re a press, starting from the ground up. Our focus is sex. We love it, want it, need it, etc! Red Ferret Press will soon start seeking submissions that really explore the erotica world. We’ll be looking for authors that aren’t afraid to push boundaries and take their work as far as they can. We’re not the supermarket romance novels you see, we’re real people exploring real sexual situations and desires. Our goal is to make erotica cool in the literature world; to burn the stigma of over sexualized paranormal romance. We would also like to bring this feel to smaller niche markets.

Red Ferret Press is an extension of Weasel Press. We are owned and operated by the same person, Weasel. RFP will look for several kinks and topics regarding the erotica world. We plan to be open minded about your specific kink or perversion, everyone likes something, and we’re not pretentious enough to judge. All work will be looked at based on how well your work is written. We have a pretty high standard and expect to maintain it. Keep it real, keep it well written, and keep it within our guidelines.

As we progress, we’ll start calling for submissions. We’ll probably throw out an anthology or two just to have some samples. Red Ferret Press will update through it’s own social media once it has been created. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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