Plan B Press

Plan B Press encourages, captures, presents and preserves contemporary poetry by publishing and presenting emerging poets.

Plan B Press is a small independent publishing company that produces high-quality, limited-run poetry chapbooks. In 2005 Plan B Press developed “Stay At Home Press” a division specializing in art books. The Press was begun in 1999 along with Bardfest, a 30-day poetry festival in Berks County, PA to bring out work by those participating in that festival. While the Press has evolved from this original intent, the focus remains that art happens everywhere and that books can be works of art themselves, both in the quality of the language and the beauty of the presentation.

Our primary focus is to publish authors at the beginning of their careers and create books that are visually appealing, combining imagery and words, and packaging the collections as a completed thought.

Plan B Press also emphasizes the plastic nature of poetry by encouraging collaboration with artists from other mediums beyond traditional form.

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