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The New Michigan Press has been publishing broadsides, anthologies, swag, and (mostly) chapbooks since 1999. In collusion with the magazine DIAGRAM, we run a yearly chapbook contest, from which we pick most of the manuscripts we publish.

Our broadsides series commemorates writers reading at the University of Alabama’s Bankhead reading series, the University of Alabama’s MFA reading series, Grand Valley State University’s Writers Series, and the University of Arizona’s Poetry and Prose reading series.

Since we are a nonprofit & quite small press, we don’t typically read unsolicited manuscripts outside of the yearly chapbook competition. See our submission guidelines for more details.

We are entirely supported by readers and writers like yourself who frequent the off-roads and byways of literature.

For review copies, and for desk copies or course orders, please email us at [nmp–at–].

Our recent (2008-present) chapbooks are distributed via Baker & Taylor; all previous chapbooks are available via this site.

Find us at our University of Arizona office:

New Michigan Press

PO Box 210067

English, ML 424, University of Arizona

Tucson, AZ 85721

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