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As I move into this 20th year I am proud of my work here and very glad to have met the poets that I have had the pleasure of knowing on this strange, ever-evolving journey. I have tried to run Lummox the way I ran my handyman gig (I did that for almost 30 years without too many complaints), but I came to realize that a mere handshake isn’t relevant in our world of suspicion and paranoia; even more so in the arts, where it seems that everybody is looking for a way to make money without putting in the time.

Here at Lummox, I place the emphasis on “game’ not “fame”…the Lummox Motto is Ingenium Non Celibritas (literally Game Not Fame). i’m not against publishing known poets, but I like to publish new voices, new writers who haven’t had a chance to strut their stuff in book form yet, or writers who for whatever reason haven’t yet gotten a full collection of their work published. It’s more challenging to work with a “newbie” in some respects, but it can be just as challenging to work with a seasoned “pro”. It’s these challenges that have forged my character over the past 20 years. There’s a saying that goes like this: “The best steel goes through the fire.” This has certainly been true in my case.

I’ve had to develop a thick skin to survive the “slings and arrows” hurled in my direction over the years. Apparently, being the big, ugly guy in the room, I draw a lot of abuse from those with an ax to grind. I don’t like it, but so far I’ve survived my detractors. I suppose when I get tired of their BS, I may fold up my tent and steal away into the night…

All in all, all i can say is that it’s been interesting so far. And as long as it stays that way, I’ll continue to be a part of the small press, and proudly so.

-RD Armstrong

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