Kaya Press

Kaya Press is a group of dedicated writers, artists, readers, and lovers of books working together to publish the most challenging, thoughtful, and provocative literature being produced throughout the Asian and Pacific Island diasporas. We believe that people’s lives can be changed by literature that pushes us past expectations and out of our comfort zone. We believe in the contagious potential of creativity combined with the means of production.

We believe that it’s impossible to generate power without first finding one’s center, and that our API diasporic focus is a starting point, not an ending point. We believe that beauty comes from thoughtful, hands-on attention to detail. We believe that great writing deserves to be beautifully presented, and that collaboration is at the heart of all important endeavors. We strive to bring to light works that have been unfairly overlooked or forgotten, whether because they were ahead of their times or because no one recognized their worth. We encourage everyone who encounters our work to participate in the publishing process, then go out and start their own creative contagion.

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