In addition to interviewing a diverse range of personalities—from Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Junot Díaz to World Wrestling Federation superstar The Ultimate Warrior—and serving in Executive Editor and Director of Content roles, Cameron has reported from over ten countries on some of the most pressing societal issues of our time.

Here are a few publications he’s had the opportunity to work with and write for.

-Selected articles

Harvard Business Review

Solving Complex Social Problems Through Collaboration

The Guardian

Climate change and slavery: the perfect storm?

Rejuvenating the Ganges: bridging the gap between conservation and religion

Anti-slavery: collaboration begins to come of age


Empathy Is The Most Overlooked Leadership Skill In The Workplace


Going dry: The Ganges river needs a new story

How to fight malaria – one poem at a time


The Ganges River is Dying Under the Weight of Modern India

A Working Malaria Vaccine That Can’t Get Money

The Washington Post

What can a poet tell us about the Zika virus?

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Back to School

Impact Within Reach


A mind/body workout at Xtreme Couture

Women News Network

Former Political Prisoner Wai Wai Nu on Discrimination, the Rohingya People, and the Future of Myanmar

The Myth, The Men and The Media – Why We Need to Revolutionize Our Approach to Women in the Media

The Vulnerability Box: An interview with Dr. Phaik Yeong Cheah on pregnant women, children, refugees and research

Nearly 1 million each year: deaths from malaria’s mosquitoes

U.S.: Pennsylvania nurses strike for better work, patient care & safety

Physicians must identify & report underage victims of sex-trafficking

Modern slavery influences your life no matter who you are

New York City is YES a hotbed of human trafficking

When global & art comes together to change the world

INDIA: When the life of a girl baby isn’t even worth one day

Mindfulness as method to combat human trafficking

U.S. Americans can definitely learn from the slums of India

CAMBODIA: Exploiting girl virginity can cause girls to be ‘throw aways’

True collaboration in field of human trafficking needs “bolstering”


Best Books of 2014

If You Think You’ll Never See A Poem About Malaria, You’re Wrong

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

2015 Grantee, Rejuvenating Ganga | Full Project

International Reporting Project

2015 Grantee, Malaria in Thailand & Myanmar | Full Project

Moment Magazine

Shadows in the Golden Land (result of the Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Initiative)

The Huffington Post

Zen and the Art of Email Design

Empowered Ethiopian Mothers Create Ripple Effect of Social Good

Meet the 17-Year-Old Founder of Malaria Free World

The Woman Determined to End Drug-Resistant Malaria

Resisting Resistance: What’s Next in the Fight Against Malaria?

An Open Letter From Your Adjunct Professor

Mindfulness for Educators

More Mindfulness, Please: On Bringing Mindfulness into the Classroom

Of Stones & Schools

Ebola, Malaria and Our Empathy Deficit

Meet the 14-Year-Old Who Is Determined to Crush Malaria

The Good Men Project

Smiling with Fear

Man-to-Man with NFL Running Back Rashad Jennings of the New York Giants

Man-to-Man With Mixed Martial Arts Legend Frank Shamrock

Fight Polio and Be Part of a Guinness World Record

Things Break Apart

#TalkAboutOurBoys – Why the Murder of 59 Schoolboys Should Matter To You

Disposability of Boys

Of Ships and Men

Never To Be Sold Again: Breaking the Cycle of Child Sex Slavery

Maudlin House

Sitting with Dōgen

HLN Headline News

The danger of schools becoming sport factories

The Modern Team

The Gig Economy is a Rigged Economy

In Startup Land, Sexism & The Man Card Still Rule

The Pivot Mindset: What It Is & How To Use It

Listen Like a Lion

An Ocean of Ideas, a Team Without Nets

To See the Future, Stop Feeding the Fire

Don’t Just Start With Why, Lead With It

The Trendy New Form of Discrimination

Sledgehammer Innovation, And Why Aha Moments Mean Nothing

Radically Remote: Building Workplace Culture When “Place” Is An Idea

Collaboration Collapse: Why Eliminating Silos Is a Bad Idea

The Third Era of Management, And Why Empathy Means More Than Ever

The Child Labor Coalition

Of Ships and Men: A Poem about the Children Who Break Ships Apart in Bangladesh

Performance Menu

Unplug to Dial-In: Harnessing Your Focus for Bigger Gains

Why You Should Get Outside (Especially If You Work Out Where You Work)

Morning Movement: Why Light Morning Exercise Pays Off Big Time

Coaching in a World Full of Apps

Mindfulness & Muscle: How Thinking About Training Can Be Training

The Culture of Fitness

Vitor Belfort and the UFC’s TRT Dilemma

Travel Training: Gym Advice from a Travel and Fitness Junkie

When To Leave The One You’re With

Start of Days


Of Death and Double-Legs

Enter the Hand Shop: Part 1 | Part 2

One Night in Bangkok

Elephant Journal

5 Ways to Bring Mindfulness into our Martial Arts Practice

How to Tuck Our Anger Into Bed at Night

An Open Letter to Silence, 2014

Schuylkill Valley Journal

An Interview with Warrior Poet Cameron Conaway: Part 1 | Part 2


6 Poems from Malaria, Poems

Stir Journal

2014: The Year We Put “Just” In Front Of Malaria

We All Benefit From Modern Slavery And That Should Piss Us Off

Rattle Poetry

Review: ALL THE HEAT WE COULD CARRY by Charlie Bondhus


Review: VOICES by Lucille Clifton

Review: HERE IN THE BIG EMPTY by Mark Sanders

Fulfillment Daily

How to Balance Your Down Time With Go Time

Stymie Magazine

Across the Middle

Breaking Muscle

The Development of a Warrior Poet: Poet and MMA Fighter Cameron Conaway: Part 1 | Part 2