Jacar Press

Jacar Press believes that writing still matters.

Although at times we seem to be living in a post-print era, the need for the written word, the ideas, emotions, and beauty only a poem, story, essay, or novel can convey, is greater than ever. We seek to support writers who offer their unflinching vision of the world.

At Jacar Press we believe that writers should be treated with respect and dignity. Writers and publishers should be allies, not antagonists, working together with each other. A writer’s job is to witness the world, and share that witness. This work is difficult and essential. A publisher’s job is to bring that work to readers.

Jacar Press also believes that the business of writing can, and should, be a positive force in communities. For example, proceeds from our first publication of 2010, The Sound of Poets Cooking,an anthology of poems and recipes, will fund writing workshops in underserved communities.

All our publications will address similar needs.

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