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Graywolf Press is a leading independent publisher committed to the discovery and energetic publication of contemporary American and international literature. We champion outstanding writers at all stages of their careers to ensure that diverse voices can be heard in a crowded marketplace.

We believe books that nourish the individual spirit and enrich the broader culture must be supported by attentive editing, superior design, and creative promotion.

Each year Graywolf publishes a diverse range of emerging and established authors from across the United States and abroad. Graywolf works diligently to make its books and authors available to readers everywhere. Literature is an accessible art form that allows for the kind of enduring, inclusive, and inexpensive exchange of ideas and emotions that fosters lasting empathy across the divides of geography, culture, and time.

Graywolf’s success ensuring that compelling literary voices have a strong outlet for their work is singular during an era in which 80 percent of US books are produced by five commercial publishers whose need to earn a profit hampers their commitment to the arts.

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