ghostwriting articles

1. What Separates Elite Ghostwriters From Good Ghostwriters?

The work of ghostwriters spans nearly every industry and avails itself to whatever shape and style is necessary. What separates good ghostwriters from great?

2. The Three E’s of Ghostwriting A Book

Ghostwriting a book demands qualities of empathy, experience and enjoyment. Here’s a breakdown of how to implement each.

3. How To Hire A Ghostwriter For Your Book

Finding a ghostwriter to write your book can be a challenging task. Here’s how to find that ghostwriter, then hire them for your book project.

4. Where Professional Ghostwriters Go Awry

Even elite professional ghostwriters have weak points and bad days. Here are five of the most common challenges that cause professional ghostwriters to go awry.

5. Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Ghostwriter

Hiring a ghostwriter can take time, especially if you want to find the best ghostwriter for your needs. Here are 10 questions to ask potential ghostwriters.

6. Ghostwriting For Thought Leadership

What does ghostwriting for thought leadership look like? Who uses ghostwriters for thought leadership, and why?