counterpath press

Counterpath Press is a publisher, gallery and event space, and bookstore. As a publisher, Counterpath was founded in 2006 and has published nearly 50 titles to date. Its gallery and event space, opened in late 2010 at 613 22nd Street and since mid 2015 located at 7935 East 14th Avenue in Denver, Colorado, has hosted over 160 exhibitions, performances, and events. Its bookstore, part of the event space, carries titles published by small and independent presses.

Counterpath is interested in linguistic and visual interventions in contemporary global culture and strives to encompass new conceptions of what compelling work can mean. It also actively looks for work by writers and artists who are typically under-represented in such venues or media outlets.

Support for Counterpath, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, comes from grant funding from public and private sources, individual donations, the sale of its publications, and the operation of its bookstore.

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