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Why We Check Vanity Metrics In Content Marketing

Talk about vanity metrics in content marketing always centers around what those metrics are, why they aren’t important, and what metrics should be analyzed instead.

But there’s never talk about what’s behind vanity metrics. What leads to the viewing of them? Many think it’s a lack of content marketing knowledge. That may be true sometimes, but I find, more often than not, it’s about insecurity.

Content marketing studies show how insecure us content marketers are. It’s tough, often impossible, to get a grasp on what’s working and what isn’t.

We often fill that unknowingness, that insecurity, by pursuing vanity metrics. They make us feel good, even if temporarily, and like we are driving results.

Awareness of this insecurity is paramount, because only then can we change the actions produced from it.

This is especially important because checking vanity metrics is a time drain. Even a brief lapse in concentration can throw off hours of work.

The next time you are on Twitter to see who shared your content, or you’re staring at real-time site traffic, don’t ask yourself if it’s worth it (because you’ll rationalize that it is).

Instead, ask yourself why you did it.

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