smart content marketing

Smart Content ≠ Spray and Pray

“Smart content” is super cool in content marketing right now. Those using the term often use it to refer to content that is tailored to where the prospect is in the buyer’s journey. It also refers to the timing of the delivery of that content.

It’s like this: When a single piece of content—with a few small tweaks—can serve, for example, both as a valuable article on a given topic and as a valuable article with strategic product comparison references throughout, it’s referred to as “smart.”

With that out of the way, here’s what I often see:

This smart content is beautifully produced, an automation ensures that it’s shown to a prospect at a perceived right time in their journey, but then all forms of the content are blasted out to all prospects via social media and even email—regardless of where those people are in the journey.

To recap:

Step 1: (the content creation) was perfectly executed

Step 2: (the automation) was properly set up

Step 3: (the distribution) goes spray and pray

To shore that up, here’s some dead simple advice:

Always assume top-of-funnel. (tweet this)

That means defaulting to distributing only the non-product comparison content.

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