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Scope Creep in Content Marketing

Those in project management circles know the ins and outs of scope creep, but it can still negatively impact their work. As it’s not a term I’ve ever heard anyone say in the content marketing industry, I’m inclined to believe content marketing strategies are being crushed by it.

For those who don’t know, scope creep is basically when uncontrolled changes occur throughout a project’s lifecycle. This can lead to additional costs, the need to extend timelines, and an ultimately unfinished project.

Even elite content marketing plans can succumb to scope creep. (tweet this)

Here’s where it typically happens in the content development process:

  1. The research, interview process, and/or data collection takes longer than expected
  2. The hand-off to the illustrators and/or the design team takes longer than expected
  3. The content marketing team is asked to take on more immediate responsibilities
  4. A single person (or small team) is initially tasked with too much

Scope creep can never be entirely controlled, but this may help:

To control scope creep in content marketing, have one discussion each week with your content team about when and where it might (or typically does) occur.

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