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Mindful Leadership in Content Marketing

I’ve been practicing mindfulness since a retreat I attended years ago with Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

It’s a frame of mind, one often jarred by the lack of mindfulness exhibited in content marketing and, more directly, by hungry content marketers.

But content marketing must be grounded in mindfulness if it’s about the creation of valuable content, right?

Sometimes it is, but then it’s forced relentlessly into a prospect’s face.

This week I’ve received seven emails from the same content marketer. He made the same pitch about the same piece of content—and it’s not related to anything I’ve ever done.

Mindful leadership offers a framework to think about the entire content marketing process.

It begins with listening to your team without judgement and caring about them holistically.

From there comes the practice of deep empathy for your prospects and existing customers, and the creation of content built with compassion for their pain points. It ends with mindful content distribution.

Content marketers, you know what I mean by that. You know how to make that happen.

Sometimes a few deep breaths before an action is all it takes.

There’s always time for two deep breaths. (tweet this)

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