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Metacognition And Understanding Content Marketing

You know as well as I do: There’s an absurd amount of content marketing information out there.

This is coupled with social media being saturated with content marketing advice articles.

As a former college educator and current mindfulness practitioner, the term “metacognition” seems to surface every few months in the circles I move in.

Metacognition is “thinking about one’s thinking.” On a higher-level, metacognition is about cultivating awareness around your process of learning—this includes how you plan and assess your understanding.

So many burgeoning content marketers hit a plateau in their understanding of content marketing; they don’t know where to turn because everywhere is a place to turn, so then they don’t turn.

It happened to me, so I’m speaking from my heart here:

Carve out time, even if only an hour a week, to study content marketing. (tweet this)

I recommend building out a 12-week curriculum. And remember: Everything you need to know about the industry is available for free if you’re willing to dig for it.

You’ll find this gift to yourself catapults your content marketing knowledge exponentially faster than simply reading whatever stumbles across your feed.

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