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You’ve heard it elsewhere: Content marketing demands patience.

Sure, you may see early results from your content marketing efforts. This depends on a variety of variables—from team size and industry knowledge to the resources given to your content team.

You’ve also heard how most content marketing efforts don’t fail, they end.

Well, they typically end because they weren’t quite given a fair chance in the first place.

“Do we go inbound or not?” startups ask themselves when they’re ready to generate leads.

As they turn to research—much of which is funded by those whose job it is to gush about content marketing—they make a choice: “Of course we do.”

So they give it their best shot, with their limited resources and following as many best practices as they can. But there’s a problem.

Startups—especially lean startups driven by young, hungry entrepreneurs—must grow quickly.

It’s grow or die.

But content marketing takes time, practice and patience. (tweet this)

The result: The unrealistic content marketing expectations aren’t met, the content engine (which was cobbled together in the first place) is shut off, and the startup (sometimes successfully, but usually not) steps back into another era’s marketing strategies.

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