keyword searches

In their quest to rank for keywords, content marketers often skip the obvious:

The keywords exist because human beings searched for them. And they searched for them because they had questions about them.

Content is king” may be the industry mantra, but value rules the universe. (tweet this)

And it is simply impossible to provide value, and likely rank for those keywords, unless your team drills down into the questions behind those searches.

This can’t be done with a tool; it demands human thought. It’s an exercise in empathy that takes practice. The more your content marketing team practices, the closer you’ll get to understanding the questions underlying the search.

It’s helpful to ask Why? until new insights emerge around the keyword. As you do, you’ll stumble on additional phrases and personas that will illuminate your future content strategy:

1. Why did they search for “simple project management software”?

2. Because what they found was too complex. Why?

3. Because they don’t have the time to learn complex methods, or implement them. Why?

4. Because they’re leading a lean SaaS startup and disorganized projects burn cash.

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