hiring content marketing manager

What To Look For When Hiring A Content Marketing Manager

First, as I mentioned in When Content Maker Becomes Content Manager, it’s important that you’re actually looking for a content marketing manager.

By that I do not mean a chief content producer—a person whose job it will be, day in and day out, to create, publish and distribute content.

Here’s what to look for in a content marketing manager:

  • They are capable of thinking big picture about editorial direction and rolling up their sleeves to write
  • They have at least some experience as a content producer—either in journalism or another field where their ability to write was the focal point
  • They have a working knowledge of SEO
  • During the interview they offer up interesting ideas about how your existing efforts can improve
  • They have a diverse array of clips (in terms of content length, style, and voice)
  • They have leadership experience. This need not be editorial leadership, though that will certainly help
  • They haven’t been brainwashed by the content marketing hype; they can speak openly about why content marketing efforts fail
  • They blend knowledge of the traditional fundamentals of marketing with a data-driven approach to content

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