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Hire Content Writers For The Long Run

I know this isn’t always realistic, but too often I see content marketing strategies built (in some cases entirely) on the back of content writers who aren’t integrated into the company.

These content writers can create content, but they are often too busy (or out of the company loop) to seriously know the brand’s voice or the true pain points of their targeted audience. And do they care deeply about the company’s culture? Do they become enthusiastic ambassadors for the company as a whole?

Think about that. What are you missing out on if your content marketing strategy is based on a seemingly endless line of one-off pieces by freelance content writers? If you’re doing this already, you clearly know what the benefits are—but I’m asking you now to think of the flip side.

What might you be missing out on? Are the perceived strengths of this content marketing strategy greater than the glaring weaknesses?

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