content marketing

Fear Kills Content

Some say we’ve reached “peak content.” Others say we’re “saturated in content.” Most say that the majority of content is terrible.

By terrible I mean two things:

  1. It’s not actually of value to a targeted audience
  2. If it is of value, there are many others doing the same thing, and likely doing it better

Why is there so much terrible content? It’s a big question, but I find it often boils down to fear.

The content writer is afraid to take risks, for fear of jeopardizing their own or their company’s reputation.

The company is afraid to take risks for similar reasons of reputation but also because they bought into the content marketing bootstrap myth.

There is a fear that risk-taking content will be harder to sustain than mediocre content (it is).

So the next time you find the same trite content marketing listicles in your Twitter feed, let it serve as a reminder to ask yourself:

“How is fear killing my content marketing efforts?” (tweet this)

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