email subscription friction

Collecting email subscriptions is at the heart of most content marketing efforts.

Email subscription means control. It’s typically a better alternative than building an audience on social media platforms that can change their algorithm in a way that crushes what content your followers can see.

As teams build out their content marketing strategy, finding ways to reduce email subscription friction inevitably enters the conversation.

Should we use double opt-in? Automate Twitter Lead Generation Cards? Use pop-ups? Ask for their name or just their email address?

I often find teams focus too much on reducing click friction and not enough on creating content their readers truly need.

If you’re thinking about how to reduce email subscription friction, you’re already ahead of the game. There’s likely not much friction to begin with, and spending precious time hammering out a way to reduce it slightly likely isn’t going to increase signups.

So, what’s the key? For most of us, it’s about increasing content quality not reducing click friction.

If a reader feels they need your content to improve their lives, they’ll move through the friction you’re stressing about without even feeling it. (tweet this)

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