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Content Publishers: Keep Your URLs Clean, Please

Your digital-savvy team isn’t alone in their knowledge of what lives inside URLs.

Many readers also read the URL. And I’d bet that many more than you think know that some of the gobbledegook in the URL means they’re being tracked.

Doing it anyways is fine, I suppose, but there are benefits to doing otherwise.

First, and in line with Mindful Leadership in Content Marketing, a clean URL provides the reader with the clarity of knowing where they’re going (or where they are) and this can lead to a feeling of safety.

If I was pointing to Content Thoughts, for example:



Second, each dynamic parameter gobbledegook in your URL may weaken that link’s chance of being spidered and properly indexed in search engines.

Lastly (and there are plenty more reasons), keeping a clean URL with the appropriate keywords means those keywords will serve as their own anchor text—which means more search engine ranking credit to that page.

If the content was worth your time to write, it’s worth your time (and the reader’s time) to keep clean. (tweet this)

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