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Content Outreach: Only Automate The Bookends

I’ll admit it: I took too long to come on board the automation bandwagon, but I now see the crucial role it can play in content marketing efforts.

That said, I firmly believe this:

Automation shouldn’t nullify the human aspect of content outreach. (tweet this)

So my rule of thumb is to automate the bookends. Use automation in the beginning to scrape through potential prospects, and use it at the end when you’re about ready to send them something.

Every stage in between—genuinely familiarizing yourself with who they are, researching their company, finding some unique correlation you may share with them, and crafting an authentic, mindful email—takes human work.

How many emails do you get from content marketers who clearly neglected the human element? How many of those do you respond to?

In this digital age, print is increasingly finding new value. Likewise, in this age of automation, the human element can make all the difference.

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