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Great Content Marketing: It Takes a Village

We hold up the mythical content bootstrappers—those few who we’ve been told rolled up their sleeves, started writing, and built their company from the content they produced.

Grab the latest content marketing book and you’ll likely see example after example of individuals, not teams, who catapulted their company through content and went on to become the content marketing rockstars we revere.

But, as any journalist can attest, successfully creating content—and doing so over time—takes a village. It takes a village to think big picture about how the content will fit into the larger company goals, as well as the details of content tilt, content design, content tone, and overall content leadership.

To say nothing of managing content calendars and freelancers, or of the work it takes to know your customers and potential customers well enough that you can empathize with their needs.

Content marketing without empathy is not content marketing. (tweet this)

Not only does great content marketing take a village, but here’s what typically happens when companies instead buy into the bootstrap myth:

  1. They under-equip their content marketing team from the very beginning
  2. They expect unrealistic results
  3. They eventually call it quits on content marketing

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