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Most Content Marketing Strategies Die Before They Begin

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’ve been part of a content marketing effort that got canned.

It may have been rolling along, bringing in sales-qualified leads at a steady clip. Or it may have been creating the only social media chatter the company could get.

Still, it came to an end.

Often it’s only at the end when a team reflects on their content marketing efforts. Though not all who can, do.

Questions arise: What happened? What struggles did we have? Why couldn’t we reach our goals?

In the end, most reflections on content marketing strategy failures circle back to the very beginning.

I mean to the first conversations the company had about their content marketing initiative.

The death likely occurred when the following questions weren’t properly answered (or were bypassed altogether):

  1. What niche are we going after, and who else is creating content in a similar space?
  2. When will we expect results and what will those results be?
  3. Are we willing to do something unique, and what are we scared of?
  4. How much time are we willing to commit to this effort?

These questions breathe life into most content marketing strategies. (tweet this)

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