Content marketing noise

Rising Above The Content Marketing Noise

“Rise above the noise.” That’s the mantra of countless content marketing consultants and creative agencies.

Saying it has become a conversational best practice in marketing, and I’ve met thousands of content creators who have set this as their goal.

The problem is that nobody knows what noise is, which means the striving often becomes about setting out to create something better than the most recent piece you admired.

Best practices seek to exist shortly after the masses have adopted them. (tweet this)

And there’s a good chance that in striving to “rise above the noise” you are losing sight of what your potential audience wants and needs.

Do they want the world’s greatest and most beautiful ebook for a pain point they could have alleviated with the paragraph of information found in a Google featured snippet?

There’s value in working below the noise, in providing valuable content that doesn’t make a splash but lasts.

In a world of skyscrapers, the humble mom and pop coffee shop on the corner can thrive.

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