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The Unheralded Link Between Content Marketing and Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, the content marketing team is often on the frontlines. They are, especially in lean startups, typically the ones prowling social media and therefore the first to see when a support request comes through.

They are also dedicated to understanding a potential customer’s pain points, which means, often with minimal training, they are perfectly equipped to handle support tickets and help point trial users or existing customers in the right direction.

But there’s another part to the link between content marketing and customer service. And it doesn’t get any love.

Unless your potential customers and your existing customers are—for some reason beyond my comprehension—radically disparate groups, this will be true:

Your content should be of value to potential and existing customers. (tweet this)

Content marketing is often viewed as a game, where once the prospect is caught and turned into a customer they are quickly forgotten. It’s all about the pursuit and the catch.

The most successful content marketing strategies, however, go beyond that. They take as much (if not more) pride in the pursuit and catch as they do in the retaining.

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