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When Content Maker Becomes Content Manager

This must be said: A company’s chief content creator is not (necessarily) who should be the company’s content marketing manager.

Sure, there are those many job descriptions asking for a “content marketing manager” when what the company actually wants is a prolific producer of content—someone who can write, format the post in a content management system, and distribute it on social media.

But what I’m talking about here is when your content maker, the key producer, moves into more of a manager role. This can be a crippling scenario for the creator.


Because those uninterrupted periods of time throughout the day that were perfect for the process of creating will increasingly be replaced by the manager’s day of meetings every hour or two.

This makes it difficult to get deep into the research and writing rhythm that most content creators need, and it typically forces a strong maker into a schedule that isn’t conducive for what their primary role is.

As your content marketing team and strategy grows, keep this in mind:

When your content maker becomes a content manager, hire another maker. (tweet this)

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