communicate your content marketing

Communicate Your Content Marketing Efforts Internally

Content marketing teams within larger organizations often work in silos. They don’t share with others in the company the thought processes behind the content development or the unique content marketing wins that happen (like when a brand your team admires shares one of your articles).

The result? A blog or company publication that the majority of employees at the company feel absolutely no connection to.

Why is this so bad? Why does the content marketing team need engagement and buy-in internally?

First, because great content marketing takes a village and there’s usually no better village to get feedback from than the one you’re working for. The future of your content marketing strategy isn’t bright if your own company isn’t fired up about it. (tweet this)

Second, because this lack of communication can lead many to wonder about what purpose your content marketing efforts (and the resources it takes to keep the content engine going) actually serve.

You know the complexities of content marketing. You know the direct and indirect company benefits it can bring. But other departments likely do not. Part of your job is to show them.

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