big lucks booksWe at Big Lucks feel as if the the most exciting and noteworthy writing lurks in the unlit depths of the ocean, amid the lifeforms and creatures humanity was never meant to see. It’s our goal to be the vessel–the nuclear submarine–that helps these new life forms breach the repetitive ebb-and-tide of this metaphorical ocean’s surface.

We at Big Lucks are not interested in projects and we are not interested in “thought pieces.” We are looking for earnest, honest work that makes us feel like we’ve got an IV of high fructose running through our veins. We are looking for the sort of things that make us feel excited and light-headed and terrified about the awesome potential of human possibility (regardless of form).

We at Big Lucks are committed to narrowing the literary landscape. We support MFA programs and their budding writers, established and first-time novelists, and authors who have chosen to take their writing down a different path. We strive to bring the worlds of independent publishing and MFA closer together. We want to build a stronger, more supportive community.

We at Big Lucks cherish the company of others. We aim to develop and cultivate significant relationships with our contributors and readers. We want to have our contributors over for dinner; we want to talk to our readers about the pieces they love (and the pieces they hate). We want to be a part of your life.

We at Big Lucks believe in people. We at Big Lucks believe in literature. We at Big Lucks believe in you.

We at Big Lucks believe in Big Lucks.

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