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The mission of the Ashland Poetry Press is to help top-rate poets in mid-career break through to first or second book publication, and to help mature poets define the best accomplishments of their writing careers through the publication of volumes of selected works.

The Ashland Poetry Press was founded in 1969 by Richard Snyder and Robert McGovern. Since then it has published some 90 volumes of poetry and books about poetry. The press began with the publication of the anthology, 60 on the 60s. In subsequent decades, we published similar anthologies–70 on the 70s, 80 on the 80s, culminating with our end of the millennium volume,And What Rough Beast: Poems at the End of the Century.

We consider unsolicited, book-length manuscripts each year in our Snyder Prize competition. See the guidelines for the Snyder Prize.  The press is directed by Stephen Haven.  Deborah Fleming serves as editor.  Our managing editor position is in transition, currently being handled by Cassandra Brown. Deborah Fleming screens every submission for the Snyder Prize each year.

The press appreciates the support and guidance of its Editorial Board, who rotate as judges for the Snyder Prize and offer their nominations for the McGovern Series every other year.

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