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Anvil Press was established in 1988 to publish subTERRAIN magazine. The desire amongst those involved at the time was to eventually publish a line of literary titles—books from new, virtually unknown authors who were starting to make a name for themselves on the Canadian literary scene.

In 1991 a short manuscript of scatalogical focus arrived in our office. The manuscript was both scholarly and extremely funny. We decided immediately that this slim volume was deserving of a larger audience, and shortly thereafter we released A Toilet Paper, or, A Treatise on Four Fundamental Words Referring to Gaseous and Solid Wastes Together with Their Point of Origin. Sales were brisk and encouraging, a buoying experience for the small press publisher.

In a spirit of naĂŻve optimism, we carried on, bringing those writers whose work we felt to be worthy of publication to an enthusiastic reading public.

Now in its twenty-second year of publishing, Anvil has firmly established itself as a publisher of progressive, contemporary Canadian literature with a distinctly urban sensibility. An award-winning publisher of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, Anvil has become known for its quality books and unconventional literary work. National—and local—in its vision, Anvil remains committed to its East Vancouver roots, and doesn’t shy away from work from the wrong side of the tracks.


The publishing philosophy at Anvil remains uncompromised:

“To nurture and promote both new and established Canadian authors.”

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