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Another New Calligraphy publishes limited-edition books and CDs. Our products are finely-crafted by writers and musicians, and then lovingly designed and handmade by us in our Chicago home.

Our aim is to work with our collaborators in establishing a singular visual and tactile presence in our increasingly virtual world. By making an artist’s album or manuscript visually recognizable, we hope to make it stand out in the great American media overload.

Another New Calligraphy believes creating art in mass quantities lessens its value and cheapens its spirit. We feel the only thing that outshines the quiet thrill of making something beautiful with our hands is the satisfaction of passing it along to someone else’s so they may reflect on the time, effort, and love that went into its creation.

In our early years we also published a subscription-based microzine, Shepherd’s Check, programmed a regular music/reading event, Pish Posh, and produced a supplementary artifact series, PCM Grapheme. We were young and spreading ourselves a little thin. Today, Another New Calligraphy focuses on documenting small moments of wonder and sharing them with you.

Another New Calligraphy seeks work that successfully balances originality and sincerity. We love music and writing that simply exists within its own space, rather than making concessions to genre or attempts at mass accessibility. Given the nature of our books and the philosophy that guides their production, we typically prefer shorter written material.

At this time, our niche may seem to be primarily of a poetic nature but we always have our eyes set on broadening our catalog. We are currently on the lookout for more music, short-form nonfiction writing, and quality work by marginalized voices.

For literature, send a Word file or PDF to For music, send mp3s or web links. In both instances, please include a brief description of your project. We cannot guarantee a response to all submissions but if we are interested in working with you, expect to hear from us within a week.

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