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Those are just a few of the names you know that have trusted Cameron to deliver.


Here are a few reasons why:


1. Journalism

Not all journalists are created equal


Award-winning. Cameron’s award-winning investigative journalism sets him apart in the content marketing industry. He’s a recipient of the prestigious Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Fellowship, an honor given to one journalist each year, and his work has been nominated for a National Magazine Award.


Experience. While many journalists are making the leap from journalism to content marketing, Cameron has kept a foot in both worlds for nearly a decade. This allows him to leverage what works now rather than what may have worked then.


His reporting has been featured in these publications, among many others:


Newsweek content marketing

Harvard Business Review content marketing

ESPN content marketing

The Guardian content marketing


2. Content Marketing

Being an elite writer ≠ being an elite content marketer


Data-driven. A top 50 content marketing influencer, Cameron believes in establishing strategic content marketing KPIs and carving out a plan to drive toward them. His writing on content marketing metrics has been shared by a variety of audiences—from Forbes marketing influencers and senior leaders at the Content Marketing Institute to on-the-ground journalists covering pressing issues of social justice.


Strategic. Having worked closely with recognizable brands and nonprofits as well as scrappy SaaS startups and bootstrapped media companies, Cameron understands what it takes to deliver effective content marketing strategies in every situation—whether you are a team of one or 1,000.


His thoughts and work as a content marketer have been featured in these publications, among many others:


Forbes Magazine content marketing

Content Marketing Institute

Inc Magazine content marketing

MarketingProfs content marketing


3. Creativity

Thinking differently is a practice


Versatility. Cameron is a classically-trained poet with an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona, and he’s used this creativity and sensitivity to language to lead high-performance teams in every facet of content marketing—from copywriting and SEO to thought leadership initiatives and book development. As a poet, Cameron’s work has been submitted for a Pulitzer Prize. His latest book, Malaria, Poems, was named a Best Book of the Year by NPR.


Consistency. With a body of creative work spanning over a decade, Cameron has grown to believe that thinking differently is a practice. After all, thinking outside of the box is far easier if there isn’t a box to begin with. As a former university instructor and public speaker, he’s talked about his personal creative practice at a variety of institutions, and he leverages this capacity as a content marketing strategist.


Cameron’s creative work has been featured in these publications, among others:


The Washington Post content marketing

NPR content marketing

Reuters content marketing

The Australian content marketing


4. Empathy

Often discussed, rarely used


Audience. Cameron’s work as a journalist and poet have taken him around the world and into the trenches of society’s most pressing issues. He’s covered modern-day slavery and drug-resistant malaria throughout Southeast Asia, degradation of the Ganges River in India, human rights abuses in the shipbreaking yards of Bangladesh, and the genocide in Myanmar, among other issues.


Empathy is his guide, and he infuses it into every content marketing strategy he creates. An audience that isn’t cared for and respected is an audience likely to go elsewhere.


Customers. Content marketing strategies often fail to think about and leverage the immense influence of the customer. When all content efforts are geared towards converting a potential audience, important relationships can diminish and word-of-mouth opportunities can be lost.


Customer-centric content marketing is a throwback to year’s past and a glimpse into the digital future. Cameron believes an empathic approach is the best way to achieve both short and long-term results.


His work on issues of social justice and social entrepreneurship have been featured in these outlets and organizations, among others:


SSIR content marketing

Dartmouth College content marketing

Good Men Project content marketing

Child Labor Coalition content marketing


5. Proximity

It matters


Based in San Francisco, Cameron is the Director of Marketing Communications at Solace, the world’s leading advanced event broker. His location allows him to tap into the rich networks and knowledge of Silicon Valley while understanding the unique marketing demands of scrappy startups and established enterprises in a variety of stages and sectors.


Cameron is part of the class of 2020 Executive MBA program at the University of San Francisco School of Management, and he’s an Official Member of the Forbes Communications Council.



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