tarpaulin sky press

Tarpaulin Sky Press was founded in 2006 with the intent of bringing out new books by contributors to Tarpaulin Sky Literary Journal. Now, via open reading periods, we are also publishing books by writers who are new to us. (See writers’ guidelines for more details.) Like the journal, the press focuses on cross-genre / trans-genre / hybrid forms as well as innovative poetry and prose. We are an author-centered press endeavoring, in short, to create book-events that delight and inspire everyone involved. We produce trade paperbacks primarily, and on rare occasions we possess additional resources to devote to crafting handbound books, printed and bound locally at Tarpaulin Sky’s Vermont headquarters, some of which are chapbooks, others full-length, along with the odd hardcover, such as The Pictures by Max Winter, or Danielle Dutton’s Attempts at a Life(both of which remain available as paperbacks).

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